Sports Day student committee

The sports day is planned and organized by the Sports day committee and they are held twice in spring and autumn. The student committee consists of about 20 people in 2nd, 3rd grade and 1st grade as many as about 200 people. We chose more than 2 freshmen for the committee from each class as soon as they enter the university. They are in charge of managing the publicity campaign and the very day, and attend the whole meeting (on Thursday) 1 day a week.

About the commissioner’s activity

The main activity of the 1st grade committee members is the whole meeting (Zen M) held on every Thursdays until the very day and the very day’s organization. The Sports Day student committee mainly consists of the following 3 sections and does the operation.

・The team for the official event (Seishiki)
The person who is in charge of Seishiki event (called Seishiki) prepare and organize for the main event of Sports Day.
They also conduct the opening and closing ceremony in Sports Day.


Softball Basketball Soft volleyball Handball
Handball Tennis Dodgeball Orienteering


Kickball Soccer Volleyball
Badminton Soft tennis Ekiden

In Zen M, they check the rule and prepare for the event, and do the rehearsal of the opening and closing ceremony.
There are the jobs for the reception and the umpire. We hold a lecture for them in advance.
For this, there are no worries if you became in charge of the event that you do not know well. It is the heart of Sports Day. It must make you feel content to organize and prepare.

・The team for the plan made by the student committee (Gakki)
The team for the plans by the committee (Gakki) is in charge of preparing and organizing the event in which the participants can feel free to join in the very day. Gakki is a relatively bigger project in Sports Day and the variety of the events changes depending on the year.
The work of Gakki is the reception for the participants, preparing and organizing the event and the judgement depending on the event. In Zen M, as an attempt for the organization for the very day, to rehearsal the event that are going to be held in advance, sometimes they check if there’s a problem for the judging and the rule.

・The team for information and service (Kousa)
The team for information and service (Kousa) keeps informed the students in the university for the very day, decorates the grounds, organizes the information place, selling the goods and interview the participants.
In Zen M, they prepare for the decoration and in the very day, they take photos of the shining participants with cameras and interview the person who got the higher prizes.
Moreover, the information place that Kousa organizes is the place where the participants can see the state of affairs. They provide the profitable information for the participants.

A yearly Schedule of the Sports Day Student Committee

December Inauguration of the new Sports Day Student Committee (Start a meeting of the 2nd and the 3rd grades (Jou M) for the Spring Sports Day)
~March Preparation for the Spring Sports Day by the 2nd and the 3rd grade students. example) Decide how to manage/Discuss a project and a game/announcement operation/Negotiate with the outside/etc…
April Invitation and Election of freshmen/Description of the Sports Day Student Committee for freshmen/Start a meeting of all members
May The Spring Sports Day
Preparation the day before the Sports Day/Organization/Cleaning up/Data reduction (a brief stop of the meeting with all members)
June Start a meeting of the 2nd and the 3rd grade for the Autumn Sports Day
August, September Summer Vacation
October Restart a meeting with all members
November The Autumn Sports Day
Preparation the day before the Sports Day/Organization/Cleaning up/Data arrangement/Review/Election of the next Sports Day Student Committee

The upper-class-men and the freshmen

“The Upper-class-men” belonging to the committee hold the Upperclassmen’s meeting at the Sports Day room at the Physical education system Circle building every week.
The meeting comes up for many discussions about the activity report from each team, the decision for the future policy and the negotiation with externals. They seriously discuss and decide the activities in Zen M and the specific contents about the Sports Day.
Also, the upper-class-men fill the role of a leader in Zen M’s activities.
Freshmen are very important members because of their activities in the meeting and the preparation and the organization on the very day of Sports Day where more than one million people participate.
In the meeting, we are divided into following teams and activities. We manage the many job such as entry acceptance, umpire and guerrilla interviews on the very day.

When you would like to enter the committee

Sports Day Student Committee seriously deals with tasks such as the preparation and the organization. From the first grade to the third grade of the committee members get together and conducts many events. You deepen your Friendship with the companions.
Would you find the friendship beyond departments and school grades?
The days when you spend with companions must be wonderful memories.
Please come to the following description day if you, the freshman think that you want to be a member of the Sports Day Student Committee and know more details.
※All the members of the Sports Day Student Committee who were elected in each class have a duty to attend one of those days.