Those who want to play basketball freely, and have a passion that want to play basketball, why don’t you participate in basketball in Gakki? In this game, one team is composed of four people and the time limit of a match is six minutes. You can enjoy basketball freely with your friends! Also, we will hold the tournament on the second day.

The tournament will be hold one team per five people. So, you can play basketball not only freely, but also seriously! If you can win the victory, get the Sports Day original goods!!


Free throw

Free throw has the simple rules, but it is not so easy to play.
You have 7 balls. Can you sink a shot with all balls…?
I believe you can do it!
If you can sink a shot with all balls, the bonus challenge is waiting for you.
Until you fail, continue shooting! And set a new record!
Let’s try to challenge your own limit, and leave your name to the record!


Free tennis

Free tennis is simple like table tennis and active like tennis.It’s less famous competition, so let’s play in this chance!>Maybe you have sense to play free tennis!