Minisoccer that is familiar every year is held in this time. Four person can take part in one team. This simple is one charm. Beginner and experienced person are welcome. Everyone can enjoy. The tornament is held in the second day.



This is the popular shooting game, and the aim is to shoot at the 9 panels.
Kick the soccer ball aiming the panel firmly!
Your score can be recorded. so you can compete with other players!
Aim at the panel by your shot! Can you hit all panels with a soccer ball?
Women can kick the soccer ball nearer than men!!
Who will win perfect glory!?



To kick a soccer ball is just a little part of soccer!!
Gakki will hold the original game using a Frisbee and we call it Frisbee-Soccer!!
You will pass, catch and shoot the Frisbee in this game!
Can you predict the motion of the Frisbee!?
Handle the Frisbee to get a goal!!
Combination is the key to control the game!! Aim to score a hat trick!!
You can enjoy Frisbee-Soccer only in Gakki!!