In this game, you shoot balloons with blowgun.
It is difficult to shoot balloons swaying in the wind.
You can compete for the record with other players.
Read the wind and shoot at all balloons!



This is the popular shooting game, and the aim is to throw the ball at the 9 panels!
We are waiting for not only those who have played the baseball but also beginners!
You can compete for there cord with other players.
Can you achieve a perfect!?



Your aim is to hit the ball that is spinning around the pole.
You have to hit the ball before it has rounded 3 times.
You can play the game in two ways.
<Let’s challenge the record alone!>
Let’s challenge the limit of the number of times you can hit the ball in 60 seconds!
<Compete with friends!>
Defeat the opponent by your power, speed and technique!
You will be absorbed in playing this game regardless of the number of players!
Advanced players sometimes hit the ball over 150km/h.
Can you reach the speed of ball spinning around?



This game is made by Gakki.
Your aim is to throw the ball into the basket.
There are two kinds of baskets.
You can get two points by throwing the ball into the basket carried by other players.
If you feel difficult to do so, you can throw the ball into the basket that is placed at the center of the court. In this case, you can get one point.
Strategy which basket you aim is the key to winning this game.
But beware of other player! Your rivals also aim to score at the basket you are carrying!
Your brain and physical strength is required!