How to participate in Sports day

There are some events that require the prior application.
You must apply for the Seishiki events such as soccer, volleyball and kick base in advance.
But, you don’t have to apply for the Gakki and the Saki such as the Bubble soccer and experience courses.
You can apply for them any time if it is in the time Sports Day is held.
(Please confirm the list of events and the other programs by the menu of the top of the screen.)

Then, how can you apply for the Seishiki events?

How to participate in the Seishiki events

【step1】 Check the page of the event you want to join.
Please read carefully the sentence about the number of the person, limit of the participants, the standard for the entry, and the contents of the events.
When the period of application comes, click the Entry button in the menu placed the top of the screen.
【step2】 Fill out the requirements.
Please fill out the requirements.
You may not be able to register if you have typographical errors and omissions.
The number of the words of the team name is less than 10 characters.
You cannot register by under a prescribed number of people.
【step3】 Confirm the mail of registration completion.
Sports day students committee will send the mail of “Notice of registration completion” immediately after the registration.
Please note that it is not until you get the mail that your team is registered completely.


If there is a fault about the registration contents, we will make a contact with you.
Please keep in mind this beforehand.

Main causes of faults

  • The team name is unapt
  • The team name has more than ten characters.
  • There are the person who has a duplicate entry with the same class of the same event.
  • There are the person whose entry offend against the registration requirements.  etc…