What is Saki

Saki is the project made by the Athletic club. You can enjoy the sports which you cannot experience usually, and can feel the high level activities of Athletic club in Saki. The entry is unnecessary. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Trial class

Organization Venue May 11th(Sat) May 12th(Sun) Rainy
Archery Club Archery Training Hall 10:00~14:00 None Discontinuation
Gymnastics Club Athletic Field なし 10:00~14:30 Discontinuation
Kashimashinryuubudou(鹿島神流武道) Club Athletic Field 10:50~13:10 10:50~13:10 Helding
Trampoline Club Gym 11:45~15:00 11:45~15:00 Helding


Open game

Organization Venue May 11th(Sat) May 12th(Sun) Rainy
Kendo Club Kendou Hall 10:00~12:30 None Helding
Dance Club The first ballroom 10:00~13:00 None Helding
Gymnastics Club gymnastics arena 10:00~17:00 9:00~15:00 Helding
Badominton Club First Gymnasium 10:00~17:00 9:00~15:00 discontinuation
 Rugby Club Rugby Field 10:00~14:15 None Helding
Judo Clib Judo field 10:00~13:00 None Discontinuation
>Gymnastics Club gymnastics field 10:00~11:30 None Helding