What is Sports Day?

Sports Day is commonly known as Spoday or SD.
It is the event which is held by University of Tsukuba for all the students and all the teachers to have the opportunity for enjoying sports.
It is held 2 days every springs and autumns.
The number of the participants of this event is more than 10,000 every year.
This event is composed of 3 projects,


You can enjoy a lot of sports at these projects.
There are some projects which you have to apply in advance when you want to play it while there are some you can enjoy without the application.
Let’s enjoy them!

Sports Day is the event which is held by University of Tsukuba. Only the people who are related to University of Tsukuba can enjoy this event.

The Sports Day Student Committee

Sports Day is planned and organized by the Student Committee.
This committee is composed of about 20 2nd and 3rd grades and 200 freshmen. (The freshmen are elected after the entrance ceremony.)
Our committee has meetings once a week, on Thursday.
And we publish information and organize the event on the very day.

Please look at ‘What is the Sports Day Student Committee?’ for further details.

Shihôkai and Taiikukai

Sports Day can be held thanks to Shihôkai which supports students.
And our committee can manage this event because Taiikukai of University of Tsukuba supports us as the umpires of the games of Seishiki which the Student Committee cannot do.